Welcome. My name is Terri Jones, and I present here my daylily introductions. I am excited to be sharing these wonderful plants with you!

Android Dreams
About this hobby:
I have been growing daylilies from seeds since 1996. This is an addictive hobby, as some of you know. Because daylily genetics are so complicated, you often don't know what's going to turn up in the seedling patch. Every day during bloom season, the walk through the seedlings reveals something new. Since I don't create the seeds in my garden, my introductions are selections of seeds from all over the country. But, because they're raised in central Florida, they are ideally suited to a subtropical climate. While the parents are often quite hardy, where these plants are selected should be taken into account if you live in a much colder climate than mine. A few of my seedlings and introductions are being tested in Kansas. As of fall 2006, I have no hardiness reports to offer yet.

Gravity Schmavity
About Rust:
Since daylily rust came to the US, sellers are encouraged to state its presence in their gardens and I have no problem with that - except remembering that it is scary to others. I have lived with rust, a foliar fungal disease, for years now. If you do not want to introduce rust into your rust-free garden, then you should merely look at the pretty photos. Before shipping, I will clean the plants, dip them in a chlorine bleach solution, and let them dry before packing. Rust can resist this, but not much else. All indications so far are that a cold winter kills the spores.

Mommy Says

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2007 Introductions

Infernal Optimist


Martian Walkabout

Power To The Purple
2006 Introductions

Mommy Says

Gravity Schmavity

Holiday On Mars

Ruby Variations
2005 Introductions

Android Dreams*

Being There

Crash Course*

First Prime
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Being There is Sold Out till Spring of 2009.
Orders may be emailed to me at terri@stonehill.org,

or mailed to me at:
Terri Jones, Magic Seeds Nursery
5902 W. Thonotosassa Rd.
Plant City FL 33565-5714,

And you can call me with questions at: (813) 982-9616. I am available most afternoons and evenings.

PS: Please feel free to email me with your comments on my seedlings, and suggestions for the site. If something does not work on this site, please email the webmaster, Mark Jones.
Other then these four introductions, I am working on a number of other promising crosses. If you would like to preview them, please click this link for promising seedlings.

Below are some links to other websites that I think you might find interesting. Enjoy!

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Wellcome to the Bay Area Daylily Society - my local club in the Tampa Bay area:

Charlotte's Daylily Diary -- a truly great resource!

the creations of my buddy Linda Michaels, now on her own website:

My good friend Clare Bewsher's site, she hybridizes in Australia:

A Listing of Daylily Gardens in the USA, Canada, and Around the World.

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